Why do we add MCT Oils in CBD products?

You might notice that we have MCT oil in our Full Spectrum Key Lime Tincture. What is MCT oil? What are the benefits of MCT oil and why do we add it to our tincture?

MCT is the abbreviation of medium-chain triglyceride, MCTs are fats that can be found in food like coconut oil, palm oil, and more. Athletes and bodybuilders like it so much because it rapidly broken down and turns into energy. It is less likely to be stored as fat.

Here are some benefits you can get from MCT Oil:

Might help with weight loss - MCT can increase the fat and energy burned, increase the hormones that make us feel full.

Energy boost - As MCT oil can be rapidly broken down and absorb by our body, it provides an instant source of energy.

Could help manage some conditions and diseases (epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s disease) - MCT can be used to raise ketones. The increase of ketones is beneficial to manage epilepsy, help brain cells to survive better from Alzheimer's disease, and block the receptor that causes memory loss.

Reduce heart diseases - MCT can also reduce cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation, blood pressure, and more.

Why do we add MCT oil in CBD?

  • MCT oil can help prevent CBD got completely broken down by the bloodstream.

  • CBD and other cannabinoids are fat-soluble, they are most efficient and best absorbed by the body when taken with saturated fats like MCT oil

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